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Our 6th annual Emotional Intelligence Summit entitled “Emotional Intelligence: Trauma, Abuse and Addictions”.

Neil Nedley, MD 

Titles & Objectives

Improving Emotional Intelligence Through Life’s Difficulties and Disasters

  • Understand the types of emotional wounds
  • Understand how emotional wounds are treated differently according to the type
  • Understand the five tasks of overcoming trauma or loss
  • Learn how certain strengths of character can be improved with appropriate healing

The Curse of Depression and Anxiety

  • The epidemic, the consequences and therapeutic options
  • Understand the financial, physical, and emotional consequences of depression or anxiety
  • Learn the incidence of depression and how it is becoming a global epidemic
  • Learn how you are more likely to be cured from cancer than from depression/anxiety and why that needs to change

The Solution to Depression and Anxiety

  • Addressing the causative factors utilizing no or low risk therapeutic approaches
  • Learn non modifiable risk factors for the development of depression
  • Learn the multiple modifiable risk factors for the development of depression or anxiety
  • Understand how eliminating the modifiable risk factors can result in permanent remission of depression or anxiety

Case Reports in Depression and Anxiety

  • Understand via case reports the patient’s role in understanding their disease
  • Understand the role of hope in initiating reversal of depression or anxiety
  • Learn the role via case reports of spiritual influence in the context of a comprehensive approach for developing self control and a sense of purpose

Biblical Case Reports in Improving Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn via Biblical case studies how the principles of emotional intelligence are fixed across cultures and time
  • Understand via Biblical case reports how the correction of cognitive distortions can improve emotional intelligence
  • Learn several nutritional and lifestyle approaches illustrated through Biblical case reports that can assist in improving emotional intelligence

Michael Greger, MD
A physician, author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues. He has lectured at the World Affairs Conference, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, The Colbert Report, and was a witness in the defense of Oprah Winfrey in the “meat defamation” trial. He is a graduate of Cornell University School of Agriculture and the Tufts University School of Medicine.

Titles & Objectives

Nutritional Therapies for Mental Illness

  • Describe the role diet may play in preventing mental illness
  • Describe the role diet may play in treating mental illness
  • Describe the role diet may play in positive psychology

Nutrition for Cognitive Function and Memory

  • Describe the role diet may play in preventing cognitive decline
  • Describe the role diet may play in treating cognitive decline
  • Describe the role diet may play in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s dementia

Paul Coneff, MA, LMFT
President / Director of Straight 2 the Heart
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Author, The Hidden Half of the Gospel: How His Suffering Can Heal Yours

Title & Objectives

Crucial Spiritual Keys in Overcoming Addictions

  • Learn the roots of addiction
  • Know how to differentiate between thought patterns and disease
  • Understand how addiction is a learned behavior
  • Understand how the latest neural science reveals the ability to learn new thought patterns and the crucial roles of spiritual keys in this process of overcoming addiction

The heart of the matter: Spiritual Healing in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Learn what trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder is?
  • Know the soldier related trauma
  • Know the pattern of sexual abuse related trauma
  • Understand the process of recovery from trauma
  • Know how the brain recovers from trauma at the thought level
  • Understand the process of spiritual identity in trauma as a key to healing

Is Someone Controlling You? How to Recognize and Deal with Manipulators

  • Learn how to recognize the pattern of manipulation
  • Know the methods that manipulators use
  • Learn how those under the influence of attempted manipulation can set healthy boundaries to avoid being emotionally challenged and scarred.

Answering the Why’s and Wherefores’ of Suffering, Abuse, Trauma, or Loss

  • Know the pattern of asking the why’s and wherefores’ of trauma
  • Learn how can a counselor can assist in answering the why question
  • Identify with others who have asked and successfully navigated those questions
  • Understand the role the answers to those questions can play in healing from abuse and trauma

The Process of Transformation in Women with Multiple Male Sexual Partners

  • Know the patterns of behavior in relationship and sexual addictions
  • Understand how acknowledging patterns is crucial to starting the recovery pathway
  • Learn how Jesus helped the woman at the well overcome the patterns of brokenness and how that can speak to patterns of brokenness today

Amanda Anguish, MS, LMFT
Amanda Anguish is the mental health counselor for the Nedley™ Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program. She also works with emotionally disturbed juveniles. She has extensive experience with OCD, CBT, and the psychology of positive lifestyle change. CBT Counselor for the Nedley™ Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program Counselor at Olive Crest, an at-risk residential youth facility Professor of Christian Psychology, Weimar College

Titles & Objectives

Counseling and Therapy for Children and Adolescents with Sexual Abuse

  • Learn how common sexual abuse is in children
  • Know the potential emotional complications of sexual abuse in children
  • Learn counseling and therapeutic techniques that can prevent or reverse the emotional complications of sexual abuse

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Lifestyle Change in Overcoming Addictions

  • Learn the risks of “stinkin thinkin” in the addicted mind and in overcoming addictions
  • Understand the benefits of CBT in overcoming addictions
  • Understand therapeutic ways of getting rid of the “stinkin thinkin” and improving the chance of long-term success in overcoming addictions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Learn how thoughts can lead to PTSD
  • Learn how PTSD may be prevented after experiencing trauma
  • Learn the common distortions in those with PTSD
  • Understand the process of correcting distortions in PTSD and the difference it makes

Kenya Ballard, MSN, APRN
She has years of experience in dealing with sexually traumatized victims, schizophrenia, psychotic and bipolar disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, and other conditions.

Titles & Objectives

Psychiatric Tools in Overcoming Addiction

  • Know the common addictions seen in a general psychiatric practice
  • Learn ways to open the mind of the addict to a decision to overcome
  • Understand several tools that can be used in helping the addict to overcome–permanently

Pornography, Trauma, Slavery, and Sex Trafficking

  • Learn the prevalence of sex trafficking in the United States
  • Understand the connection between pornography, prostitution, and slavery
  • Learn the physical, mental and emotional complications of being a user of sex slavery, or a sex slave
  • Learn how to free people caught in sex slavery
  • Learn how to potentially decrease the severe emotional complications of being a sex slave or a promoter of sex slavery

Daniel Binus, MD
Clinical Director, Beautiful Minds Medical Staff Psychiatrist, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospt. Clinical Instructor, Dept. of Psychiatry, Loma Linda University.

Titles & Objectives

The Relationship between Trauma and Addiction and its Implications for Therapy

  • Learn the association between a history of trauma and addictions
  • Understand how getting addicted can lead to an increased risk of emotional trauma
  • Know types of trauma that tend to lead to certain specific addictions
  • Learn specific modalities in overcoming addictions in those with a history of trauma
  • Understand a case report that illustrates learning objective 4.

Media, Screens, and Mental Illness

  • Learn how to define the problem use of media and entertainment screen time.
  • Learn how an increased usage of entertainment screen time can lead to mental imbalance.
  • Know why some with mental illness gravitate to more screen time usage
  • Understand the studied emotional and cognitive consequences to different types of screen time (social media, YouTube videos, movies, gaming, etc.).
  • Understand methods of solving a problem use of screen time.

Don Mackintosh, BSN, MDiv
Clinical Director of HEALTH™ Program Weimar Institute Campus Chaplain Spiritual Counselor, Nedley Residential Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program.

Titles & Objectives

Forgiveness: Efficacy for the Abused

  • Know the definition of forgiveness
  • Learn the difference between forgiveness and forgetting
  • Understand how forgiveness can help avoid complications of abuse

Anger and Bitterness: The Solution

  • Know the definition of anger – in light of the current literature.
  • Know the definition of bitterness – in light of the current literature.
  • Explore solutions for anger and bitterness from the current literature
  • Learn how spiritual resources help find solutions for overcoming the complications of anger and bitterness

Yip Kok Tho, FCA
A former Zen Buddhist meditator who saw the risks of numerous meditation techniques including focused attention, mindfulness, zen, transcendental, metta, and others.  He will present evidence of what eastern meditation is attempting to accomplish.


Titles & Objectives

The Neuroscience of Meditation and related Neural Phenomena

  • Understand the effects of meditation on the brain including, Calming the amygdala, Alpha & theta waves vs. beta waves and How the out-of-body phenomena occurs via the temporal lobe
  • Learn how the cosmic nirvana/awakening phenomena occurs via the frontal lobe going offline, accompanied by the parietal lobe also going down resulting in the loss of meditator’s position in 3 dimensional space
  • Learn the benefits and risks of trance states and hypnotism and meditation with Lateral Frontal Cortex relationship in hypnosis 

Eastern Meditation, its Risks and Counter Influencing Factors to Practical Spirituality

  • Learn the objectives of non-dualism in various forms of Eastern Meditation
  • Learn the purpose and risks and complications of emptying of the mind and of the silence, void, and nothingness in Eastern Meditation
  • Understand the negative effects of being “liberated” from polar opposites of good/evil, life/death, God/Satan

Eddie Ramirez, MD
A busy researcher he has published many articles in peer-reviewed medical literature. He has 20 years experience working in various lifestyle centers and has spoken and shared his research in more than 42 countries.

Titles & Objectives

Update on Latest Research in Depression and Anxiety Recovery

  • Identify novel research of what lifestyle interventions at mental health education can do for anxiety and depression
  • Know and understand the latest data of the 10 day depression and anxiety residential treatment program
  • Recognize the importance of keeping good records during the depression and anxiety recovery programs in order to produce excellent quality research in the future

 Bonus CD - EQ Summit Speaker Panal Q and A


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