Cuestionario del Programa Superando la Depresión en Español (DAAT)

Nedley Depression and Anxiety Assessment Test (DAAT) in Spanish - Online Version

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This may be the most important test you ever take!

Whether we are struggling with "the blues" or not, most of us would like to achieve peak mental performance. But how to best to do it--that is another question.

In my medical practice, I have found that the first step towards better physical and mental function is always to identify (and if possible remove) the factors impeding good health. This task can be somewhat daunting, since there are more than 100 factors affecting brain function.

After some research, I was able to break these 100 factors into 10 major categories, or"brain hit" areas. Individuals with "hits" in four or more of the 10 categories were most likely not achieving peak mental performance.

More importantly, I found that identifying the root cause of obstacles to peak mental function enabled my patients to better tackle those problems. While some impediments (such as genetics or childhood experiences) cannot be altered, there are many lifestyle factors that truly contribute to, or deter, peak mental performance. When trying to solve a problem, it is generally helpful to determine the cause of the problem. And the online "Peak Mental Performance Test" was designed to help you do just that.

Many of my patients have told me that they received more help from taking this one test than they did from spending many hours--and thousands of dollars--in counseling sessions. The 75-question test will impact which of the ten "brain hit" areas are impacting your life, giving you themotivation you need to tackle lifestyle issues that keep you from reaching peak mental performance.

This assessment also measures emotional intelligence (EQ) -- which has been shown to be more important to a person's success and happiness in life than IQ. The good news is that, while IQ doesn't generally change once we reach adulthood,EQ can be improved.

While most people go to their doctor annually for a physical check-up, they are a little more hesitant to go in for a "mental check-up". Yet this is what we need if we want toachieve--and maintain--peak mental function.

This test is inexpensive, completely confidential (you can take it with a pseudonym if you like, and we would never release your information anyway), and highly accurate in determining the impediments to peak mental performance. Why not give yourself a mental check-up, and then a tune-up, today?

This test may be taken online anonymously at any time, and results are displayed on the screen immediately after the test is complete (you may print them out if you would like a copy). Your passcode to let you in to the test, together with the link to take it, will be sent immediately to you by e-mail. Once you start the test, there is no way to finish it at a later sitting. So please allow 10-15 minutes to complete the test.

Some suggestions are also given with the scores, on what to do to get help, if you need it.

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