The Hidden Half of the Gospel

How His suffering can heal yours

by Paul Coneff (Author), Lindsey Gendke (Author)


Who do you turn to when life hurts—especially when trying harder has only brought more failure, more guilt, and more shame? Someone who has “been there” and gained hope, healing, and freedom.

As a pastor faced with problems like divorce, pornography addiction, and abuse—both in and out of the church—author Paul Coneff began searching for answers to sin and suffering…and asking why so many Christians were not experiencing the good news Jesus offered. What Paul found was a gospel relevant enough to meet humanity in the midst of its deepest pains and darkest sins—and it was hidden in plain sight! Now you can discover how Jesus Christ suffered “in every way” like you have, so He could help you overcome all the sins, wounds, and lies in your life. 

Lonely? Jesus was abandoned by His closest friends to identify with you.
Betrayed? Jesus was betrayed for the price of a slave to identify with you.
Abused? Jesus was physically and verbally abused to identify with you.
Addicted? Jesus was tempted to numb His pain to identify with you.
Rejected? Jesus felt forsaken by His Father to identify with you.

No matter what you’re facing, The Hidden Half of the Gospel will connect you to a “Rubber-Meets-the-Road Savior” who took your suffering to the cross so you could receive His healing. Whether you read one story or the entire book, your path to hope and healing starts today with The Hidden Half of the Gospel: How His Suffering Can Heal Yours.

Hidden Half of the Gospel is a powerful book sharing the importance of Christ fulfilling prophecy as He suffered for us, based on His words shared with His disciples at the beginning, middle and end of His earthly ministry. And after He rose again, connecting HIS-story with your story.

It takes us to the heart of Jesus’ gospel to ‘heal the broken hearted, setting the captives free’ from the ways we tend to try harder to overcome, only to fall again, living on a cycle of sin-and-forgiveness.

"This is not a 'how to' book, but rather a user-friendly collection of stories that vividly and honestly illustrate the journey towards healing to which Christ alone can invite us. Whether you are a pastor or someone in the pew, this book will equip you to walk with others or find help and hope for yourself. (Michael Card, award-winning musician and author)

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