Will Your Anchor Hold?

The reflective piano style is solid and traditional, yet unique and awe-inspiring. Dr. Nedley has now made these recordings from his father available to anyone who desires an uplifted soul. 


Will Your Anchor Hold
Performed by Lloyd Nedley

This CD consists of piano arrangements played by Dr. Nedley’s father, Lloyd Nedley. Lloyd Nedley’s hymn arrangements are full of chord structures that make you think, “now that is the way this hymn should have been written!” The reflective piano style is solid and traditional, yet unique and awe-inspiring. Dr. Nedley has now made these recordings available to anyone who desires an uplifted soul.

Following is Dr. Nedley’s message about this CD, from the inside of the CD cover:

“If I could have chosen my father in advance, it would have been Lloyd Nedley. He taught by precept (filled with logic, reason, and principle) and example.

When I was a teenager, I bought a pair of $40 microphones that outdid their price in recording quality. While my father played the church Steinway grand piano, I set up my microphones and recorded him. Church friends were present and began to call out names of hymns and he would play them in his reflective, improvising style. Although my father never meant for these tapes to be reproduced (the recording was “as is” with some mistakes there were no “retakes”), I made about 100 copies and gave them to friends. Everyone that received the recording testified a few years later that the tapes were worn out because of their frequent usage and wondered if they could have more. I had lost the master and there were no more available.

After becoming a physician, I came across the Yamaha Diskclavier, a regular grand piano with optic sensors that records from the piano and then plays back the very piano precisely as it was played, including not only the notes, but the timing, dynamics, and even the touch. To preserve my father’s way of playing the piano, I bought him a 7 foot Yamaha Grand Diskclavier Piano and in return, suggested that he record himself from time to time, which thankfully he did (although still recording “as is” including a few mistakes.)

My father’s forte in piano was accompanying, and instead of recording himself solo, he recorded many pieces of accompaniment with the melody intentionally and completely removed. He would then pick up his Euphonium, and play the melody while playing back the live accompaniment. Because the melody is missing (except for a brief introduction) I don’t recognize some of the songs he recorded. He unfortunately never recorded himself while accompanying for hymn songs, which with his modulations and inspired playing, made the participants want to sing their hearts out and never stop. It would not be unusual for what was planned to be a five-minute hymn sing to end up being well over an hour with people calling out hymn after favorite hymn. My father would also join in singing these hymns.

He auspiciously did record himself playing hymns in his reflective style, with the melody, which can make the words and the messages of the hymns come alive. This CD can also be utilized for sacred background music.

The first of these volumes begins with a song that meant a lot to my father. While in the Navy near Japan, before a typhoon hit, his ship anchored to a rock out at sea and withstood the storm. His job was to make sure the anchor was not slipping but was firmly fastened. Fellow ships that were closer to shore were all broken up. If his anchor had not been grounded firm and deep, he likely would not have lived to play and record on the Yamaha Diskclavier.

After his untimely death, a professional studio recorded his piano playing these beautiful hymns to audio CD for the benefit of my family. I hope that the message of these enduring hymns will be a blessing to you through my father’s touch.”

Selections include:

1. Will Your Anchor Hold in the Storm of Life?
2. I Would Be True
3. Bread of Heaven--Minor
4. Come, Savior, Come
5. I Dreamed of the Great Judgment Morning
6. No, Not One
7. Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart
8. Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling
9. Song of Heaven
10. Let All Things Now Living--Minor
11. Worthy is the Lamb
12. Fast Hymn
13. I Must Tell Jesus
14. Jesus Calls Us
15. Navy Hymn
16. Longing, Dear Savior
17. He Could Have Called Ten Thousand Angels
18. Alma Mater
19. Bread of Heaven
20. My Task
21. All Through the Night
22. Jubilee Amen

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