Residential Depression Recovery


Nedley Residential Program


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Uncover the root causes of your depression and acquire the tools that you need for coping with real-life situations. This program includes:

* Personalized consultations with Dr. Nedley
* Comprehensive health history review
* Full laboratory services
* Hydrotherapy
* Massage treatments
* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
* Daily interactive presentations
* Aerobic conditioning
* Flexibility training
* Delicious healthy meals


Learn how to:


* Understand nutritional secrets to improve mood
* Recognize and correct distorted thoughts
* Manage stress
* Overcome addictions
* Deal with loss
* Treat depression through lifestyle changes
* Improve spiritual health



Dr. Nedley has researched the epidemic of depression sweeping society. He has discovered that one in three patients seeking medical help is plagued by depression. Through his ongoing study of the later scientific research related to diseases of the mind, combined with years of clinical experience, Dr. Nedley committed himself to finding the root causes of depression rather than just anesthetizing the symptoms with medicine.


In the Nedley Depression Recovery Program, Dr. Nedley provides you with an insightful and in-depth comprehension of your body's physical, mental, and spiritual functions.



You will enjoy personal one-on-one consultations with Dr. Nedley and benefit from his years of clinical experience designing individualized depression recovery plans for his patients. He will help you create a recovery plan tailored to heal the specific causes of your depression.



Dr. Neil Nedley is a full time physician who practices acute internal care medicine. He is the author of the Nedley Depression Recovery Program, the widely acclaimed and successful DVD series. He is an experienced national and international speaker.



You will be supported, encouraged and cared for by a team of highly qualified lifestyle medicine experts who are totally dedicated to discovering and healing the root causes of your depression.



Results that Matter


At the conclusion of the program, 99% of the participants reported significant improvements in their depression with 54% reporting no depression at all. Four months after the program, participants reported additional reduction of symptoms in both depression and anxiety.



What to do Next


Many people do not want to admit they are suffering from depression. The first step is to safely admit the truth to yourself, because there is hope.


For information and to register, call our office Monday-Thursday 9pm - 5pm CST.


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